FARM products

[vc_row][vc_column extend=”false”][vc_column_text]The FARM™ framework powers products designed for 21st Century attention spans. Several are being planned and in development–and development partners are sought. These include:

Web/mobile apps to make your smart phone a wise phone:

  • Basic: In the tradition of Nintendo’s Harvest Moon (AKA Story of Seasons), and Zynga’s Farmville, but for self growth. Utilizing gamification and basic self-tracking elements: choose fields that represent areas of our life, seeds—that stand in for talents, values and calling, and the care (i.e. chores) that is needed.
  • Advanced: with FARMers Market, add free and paid plugins, such as those inspired by the Quantified Self movement for more robust and specialized:
    • tracking (e.g. financial, health, emotional)
    • diagnostics

Novel: FARM, A Parable of Growth The genre fits within the allegorical and bildungroman (coming of age) literary traditions. A bright but underachieving college dropout moves to a farm and is mentored by an avuncular, wise, curmudgeonly old farmer.

FARM™ Field Guides: digital and analogue guide books to be co-authored with experts in various fields, like health, finance, psychology, using the FARM™ framework and principles to illustrate complex topics.

FARM™: A Plan for All Seasons: Outlook/iCal/Google Calendar add-ins plus separate printed calendar products. Integrate FARM™ principles into daily routines.

Many Hands Make Light Work: Lessons from the FARM™Hands: This tentatively-titled series takes its name from characters introduced in the novel (also explained here). Best practices anthropomorphized as farmhands (and as personalities within ourselves):

  • The Habitué: create powerful productive habits and eliminate deleterious ones.
  • The Hacker: imaginative, even rule-breaking productivity skills and shortcuts.
  • The Heuristician: rules of thumb to simplify decision-making and streamline work processes.
  • The Historian: learn powerful journaling and Quantified Self tools and techniques.
  • The Hustler: (AKA Hustle Muscle): effectively develop, conserve and use willpower.
  • The Harmonist: ensure the disparate parts of the self are working in concert.